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Project Cargo

—  Project cargo—

Project and oversized cargo can take many different shapes but best described as cargo too large to fit in a standard shipping container or standard pallet or crate for air cargo. 
Below you will find a general outline of vessel/service types, strong points, normal cargos carried

  • Breakbulk
    Cargo that is loose loaded into the hold of a vessel or on its decks.
    Common examples of breakbulk cargo are large/heavy machinery, tanks, towers and windmill blades.
    While this method is very well suited for very large and/or heavy cargos, the downsides are limited vessel sailings and ports serviced as well as generally longer transit times and less schedule consistency.

  • Ro/Ro (Roll-On/Roll-Off)
    Primarily intended for self propelled vehicles (wheeled or tracked), these vessels are able to accommodate any towable cargo. 
    Common examples of Ro/Ro cargo are, autos, campers, RV's, trucks, buses, agriculture machinery, construction machinery and boats on trailer. 
    Ro/Ro vessels are also able to take non-wheeled/tracked cargos with the use of vessel owned trailers (Mafi trailers) by loaded and lashing cargo to the Mafi trailer then pulling the cargo onto the vessel. 
    You will find more availability of ports serviced and more frequent sailings than breakbulk vessels, but still far less than traditional containerized vessels. Limitations for Ro/Ro vessels are based on ramp capacity and door opening height and width. 

  • Special Equipment (container vessels)
    Using a verity of specialized containers, including open top and flatrack containers, oversized cargo can be loaded on a specialized container for stowage onboard a container vessel.
    Common examples of Special Equipment cargo are, Out Of Gauge (OOG) cargo that cannot fit within the dimensions of a standard container, small construction equipment, steel weldments, reels, boats on cradle.
    Because Specialized Equipment moves on container vessels the greatest advantage, is access to weekly or bi-weekly sailings, consistent schedules and a very broad selection of serviced ports. 


Regardless of the type or size of your cargo, take confidence that we can identify the best solution based on our expericance and your specific needs. 



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